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This is our selection of motor, travel, home, pleasure crafts and yachts as well as family health insurances.

Motor Fleet Insurance

One insurance policy which protects all company-owned vehicles. Comprehensive and basic liability insurance covers vehicle repairs and medical expenses due to motor accidents, for both the company’s drivers and the injured party.

Motor comprehen-sive

Comprehensive Motor insurance is one of the higher levels of protection you can get for your Vehicle with additional cover of Rent A Car, Road side assistance and Personal accident benefit cover both for Driver and passenger.

Motor third party liability

Third party insurance is basic and mandatory coverage of motor insurance as per U.A.E law.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers the cost of medical emergencies including Covid-19, trip cancellation, lost baggage and provides many other benefits to enjoy your vacation.

Home Insurance

A Home Insurance Policy provide coverage to your house, and your belongings such as furniture, jewellery, and the like against number of natural and/or man-made calamities such as floods, earthquakes, fire, theft, and other unforeseen events.

Pleasure Crafts and Yachts Insurance

Yachts Insurance provides coverage against Physical damage to the boat’s hull, machinery and installed equipment including outboard motors along with Liability to third parties Removal of wreck expenses and Primary Personal Effects.

Family Health Insurance

Protects individuals and their families against the risk of medical expenses due to health issues.
Additional option includes choice of medical facility as per the set of 5 available direct billing
network options.


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Life Insurance

Designed to protect you and your family.

Solyda invariably extends great effort to help you secure and protect yourself and your family as you move through life.

We help you design to meet your life insurance requirements within the range of product providers that offers both “Whole of Life” and “Term” insurance policies.

Essentially, in exchange for your premium payments within a budget that is suitable for you, it pays out a lump sum amount known as death benefit to your nominated beneficiaries in the event of death or Terminal Illness

Term Insurance

Term insurance offers you a cost-effective way of covering unexpected loss of life with the possibility of providing an optional lump sum amount to cover you against any potential life changing or life-threatening illnesses for a specified period.
When you purchase a term insurance policy, your nominated beneficiaries will receive a fixed lump sum amount in the event of death or certain predetermined conditions.

Whole Life Insurance

WOL (Whole of Life) plan is a type of comprehensive life insurance which guarantees to pay out a lump sum to your family when you die or diagnosed with ‘Terminal Illness’ and has an element of investment which allows a possibility to build up cash value within the plan.  WOL plan has the flexibility to modify or change the benefits as well as the premium based on what is convenient to our customers. A plan which provides complete peace of mind as it takes care of your family’s financial security in the event of unforeseen events such as death, critical illness & disability. We will assist you every step of the entire process with ease to help you secure the level of cover you require with the varieties of optional benefits such as Critical Illness, Family Income, Permanent Total Disability, Dismemberment, Hospitalization and Waiver of Premium.


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Building Financial Corpus.

We all have financial dreams, whether it’s improving your family’s quality of life, funding your children’s education, planning for a wedding or enjoying better retirement days.

Solyda approach is always to strive to offer bespoke solutions for your Savings & Investments requirement by building a sound financial planning that will help turn your goals or vision of the future into reality. 

We understand your needs and we will help you achieve your goals by setting up with simple and flexible savings program within your personal circumstances.

Retirement Plan

In order to achieve a comfortable retirement, it Is important to start early and engage yourself in a disciplined & wise savings plan. Retirement & pension planning are important key elements of building & securing one’s financial needs whether it would be long term or medium to long term savings plan. At Solyda, we can help you work out your retirement plan.

Children’s Education

The best gift that you can ever give your child is a bright future, and in this era, a great deal of your child’s security lies in financial planning from an early stage. Furthermore, one way to simplify your financial goals and expenditure is to plan and save for your child’s education. As the cost of education goes on rising each day, it is vital and necessary to invest in savings plan that offer sufficient funds to meet the expenses of your child’s educational milestones.

Regular Savings Plan

Essentially, one of the building blocks of financial planning is to protect your hard-earned money by securing a disciplined savings plan to be financially stable & independent. There are simple & strategic savings plan available at your personal circumstances that are more stable and less risky.


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